About Us

Outward Co began after going out to nature, doing all kinds of outdoor activities and realizing that some people are sporty, others and not, and despite this, many want to enjoy life outside, feeling the breeze. This is why we exist.

Our mission is to help people with the best and adequate equipment possible to enjoy a day or more outside. No extreme-temperature or ultra-technical equipment. Fancy but not complex. That´s why we set out to gather and create a range of products that were cool, durable, fun and designed to help people have their best memories outside. And that’s what we set out to do.

I´ve always had a huge passion for just being outside. Since I was a kid, my uncles took me to amazing trips and field days where we used to camp, go fishing, mountain biking or simply spend time with the family.

As I grew up, I started doing all these things with my friends and filled my twenties with more memories than I can count around mountains, bike trails, lakes, oceans, cenotes and many other places. Now that I look back on all the sports, adventures, trips and fun days that we had, I can only think of how I can keep doing more of this with my family and help others around the world do the same. Being outside is awesome and I'm passionate about bringing others to this outward life.